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Authentic folklore

Are you an admirer of authentic Bulgarian music, songs, clothing and customs? Than EventHouse offers to you something really special and unique:

Eva Quartet

Four young soloists from the world famous choir "The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices" will take you to the world of the Bulgarian folklore. Their Performances are presented in front of the public in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Corsica, Spain, Japan and others. Eva Quartet participated also in numerous concerts in Bulgaria, invited personally by the Bulgarian presidential office. PolyGram appraised the quartet’s exceptional professionalism in their album "Spiritus" which is a collection of worldwide ethno music. An important part of the repertory of "Eva Quartet is the church-Slavic music.

In 2005 Eva Quartet celebrated 10 years of their creation.


If you like folklore and ethno music, with modern sound and interpretation, than the answer is BULGARA. Pipe, tambura, pipes, fiddle, bass and percussion perfectly matched by some of the best Bulgarian artists. They form a virtuous sound palette that will impress and grasp you. They took the award for original theatre music from the Askeer Association 2003

“Splendid modern dances and costumes, exceptional music and songs, preserved traditions and authentic atmosphere, the effect is obsessing. The audience is kept by the whirlwind of the dance. I would like to wish the troupe to bring this Bulgarian wind to the greatest stages of the world”.
Monsieur Bernard Rouhaud, general representative of Allience Francaise-Paris for Bulgaria, former member of the International committee of the folklore festivals-France; vice president of the National Folklore Association


Ladena is a folk vocal quartet, formed in 1999. The quartet works with the internationally famous choir "Bulgarian voices of angels". Now they sing and make records with it. Name Laden is tribute to the Russian musician Sergei Starostin. With him Laden recorded a CD, which is a mix of Bulgarian and Russian folklore. Ladena’s biography includes a joint concert with Bobby Makferin, records with Phil Collins for the animation " Brother bear" as well as with Adriano Chelentano. They had a lot of concert trough Germany, Austria, Russia, and Switzerland.